This is the website of New York Writer Julia Noël Goldman; the portal from which you can access all that is Julia Noël Goldman. No more need for time-consuming internet searches to help you do your stalking, it’s all right here, compiled with fresh links in an attractive package. For those new to the world of New York Writer Julia Noël Goldman, there’s beginner information here–who is Julia, why should you care, what’s her deal anyway?

Her blog’s mostly about writing, gentrification, and New York City. Her stories are about journeying into the worlds of unique characters and experiencing life from a new point of view. It’s gritty here, and it sparkles, it’s an antique watch that shines like a freshly unboxed iPhone. There’s so much glitter in the air it’s become difficult to breathe. Have a taste, you’ll need more, and lucky for you there are links where you can purchase her work for your very own, printed on paper, to cherish forever. Make yourself comfortable here, connect with Julia on Facebook, and let the journey begin.

BIO of Julia

Julia was born at New York Hospital on August 3rd, 1964 to a mysterious French woman and the Academy Award winning screenwriter James Goldman. Twenty-one years later she graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, where she wrote her first novel in a class taught by author Russell Banks. Be assured that the twenty-one year information gap in this bio is a consequence of future billion dollar autobiography deals.

After college, she became employed at the New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, a part time job that resulted in a career in nonprofit management and a lifetime commitment to civil rights activism. During this period, she made a name for herself online as an author of erotic lesbian fan fiction–the name was Xena’s Little Bitch.

In 2006, she retired from her full-time service at the Center to focus on writing.  Her piece “Fifties Waitress” is included in the annual anthology Best Lesbian Erotica 2012, by Cleis Press, and her story “The Exterminator” received Notable Story status in the Gemini 2012 Shorty Story Contest.

At present she seeks agent representation, having a completed both a “sex and drugs and dance music” novella called “Tonight” and collection of fifteen short stories, “Things That Happen In New York.”

Julia lives in Brooklyn. Email her at info@julianoelgoldman.com

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