New York City Housecats Prepare for Legendary Blizzard

Feline Blizzard Preparedness Plan
Feline Blizzard Preparedness Plan

As you may have heard, a gigantic, terrifying blizzard is headed toward New York City this evening. The prospect of thundersnow has humans buying huge quantities of anything they can get their hands on just in order to survive the night.

James, a hipster from Bushwick, was confused by his purchases as he unpacked them in his $3,000 a month studio apartment. “Did I think I was going to eat double D batteries for two days? What am I supposed to do with all this ice melt?”

But for housecats, it’s an entirely different story.

Angelina-Pangaea, pictured, a housecat in Sunset Park, is not vaguely concerned about the blizzard. “I plan to hug the cable remote until someone takes it away from me, and then probably nap straight through ‘til dinner.”

As long as there’s cat food on the shelf and thumbs available to serve it, everything is picture-perfect in the life of the New York City housecat tonight. As purr usual.