Our sexy, charismatic president on his noble steed.




AP blah blah blah—July 8th 2012, NYC–Julia Noël Goldman, owner of world-renowned blog Bunny Flavored Lies, endorses Barack Obama as her candidate of choice in the 2012 US presidential election

Our sexy, charismatic president on his noble steed.

 “He’s not evil,” Goldman explained, “plus he’s smart and I like that in my presidents.”

When questioned in regards to Obama’s broken promises and disturbing decisions, Goldman responded “Its par for the course. I’ll admit I was hoping Barack’s version of change was a tad more extreme, but considering the shape this country was in when he got it, I think he’s done pretty well—it feels less evil in general, which is nice.”

In regards to her frequent use of the word “evil” Goldman quipped: “This country is an amazing place but it was built on an Indian Burial Ground—if you’ve ever been to the movies, you know a curse comes with that—and it’s not fries–especially if your people helped create the burial ground through genocide and in the name of ‘freedom.’”

When asked to come to the point, Goldman decreed: “Barack Obama is doing a decent job considering he now knows it’s part of his position to feed the hideous monster living in the basement of the White House. The great thing about evil is there are so many ways to fight it! Obama does so much good for this country simply by being the first black president—I truly never thought I’d live to see one. This country that enslaved Africans and has made it as difficult as possible for them since, has a black president. What this country does to black men is appalling, and the fact that, because of him a new generation of children is born into a world where a black man can be president—this is a gigantic positive change for us all.”

This kid’s face says it all.



He Sings

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He Dances

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He’s in love with his wife

No one cheats on Michelle Obama.

He looks good as sushi

Couldn’t you just eat him up?



Just vote for Obama, dammit.