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Read My Lips

Reading Erotica At The Center

REPORT BACK: Center Authors Series: Read My Lips: Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 at the LGBT Center in NYC was on April 18th, 2012. My fellow readers were Ali Oh, Dl KingAnne Grip, Sinclair Sexsmith, and Kathleen Warnock. It was a great reading, full of sex and wine and lots of laughter. Things got a little crazy after Camille stole my nose.

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Check out the Center’s blog for a review of the evening: 



The reading was held in a room at the Center that happend to have a fantastic art exhibit on the walls. It’s open to the public to view through May 8th in room 310 at 208 West 13th Street, NYC



From the Artists: 
The words spoken by senators, presidential candidates, state representatives, and party leaders carry power because it is the job of these men and women that transform words into law. Though sometimes we wish to ignore a politician’s most offensive words by saying he or she is a rogue thinker or just simply off-base, the truth is that many of his or her words echo the thoughts and ideas of an electorate. Rick Santorum is not the only person we need to “talk back” to when he implies that women who have sex ought to become pregnant without regard to any circumstances (“how things ought to be”). It is not an argument that disappears when Santorum is denied the nomination for president. More info on exhibit