New Years Eve Ramblings

I have grown tired of plugging and unplugging the lights on my tree, tired of the red and green. Christmas hit fast and hard this year, and I am over it. But today is New Year’s Eve, my favorite holiday, and the brand new year starts tomorrow, signaling not only new beginnings but an excuse get rid of the tree. It makes sense to celebrate the passing of another year–no God in this holiday, no “national pride” is required. Just another year survived and a new start to come.

2011, which I insist on pronouncing “two thousand eleven*,” was a good year for me, particularly on the writing front. I was published in a book, I won a prize, and I recently got some fantastic feedback from someone I really respect, so I’m feeling positive. My New Year’s Resolutions include: more exercise, more enforced writing time, more compassion towards my self. These things are totally achievable.

Let me state for the record that I do not believe that the world will end in December 2012 [pronounce “two thousand twelve”] however I remain fascinated by the numerous prophecies that point towards this time, and the intensity of the weather world-wide. Perhaps a galactic alignment, perhaps a man-made apocalypse–oh wait–both those things have already started. Like the fall of 2001, again it’s the end of the world as we know it, and yet it is and will be strangely similar to the world that has come before. But perhaps with way less energy available to the masses… I don’t claim to see the future, but I can feel vibes as well as anyone, dammit!

Happy New Year from Julia and Ted

The New Year begins tomorrow; I’ve got a party to attend this evening, and a kitchen full of Starbucks to enjoy over my five day New Year’s Weekend! I may not party like I did that year at Cuando, but it’s my tenth anniversary of co-habitation with my Lovah, so it’s time to celebrate!


*After all these years of The Year Two Thousand, and Two Thousand and One, and the reality of everyone actually saying “two thousand nine” instead of “twenty nine” it just pisses me the fuck off that suddenly it’s “Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve.” I’m the first to admit I’ve got a thing with words–that’s a blog for another day.